May 7, 2019
La Honda Road Territory Transfer Special Mail Ballot Election


Official Results

Results were certified on May 21, 2019.

Results on PDF

Statement of the Vote – The Statement of the Vote is published at the time of the certification of the election, within 30 days of Election Day. It is a listing of all election contests with totals, by precinct, by cities, by districts, including write-in votes, if any.

Registration and Turnout

Completed Precincts: 1 of 1

  Reg/Turnout %
Total Registered Voters 16  
Precinct Registration 16  
Precinct Ballots Cast 0 0%
Voting Center Ballots Cast 0 0%
Vote By Mail Ballots Cast 16 100.00%
Total Ballots Cast 16 100.00%

La Honda Road Territory Measure A

Majority Approval Required

Completed Precincts: 1 of 1

  Vote Count %
Yes 16 100.00%
No 0 0%