A Summary of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

(California Public Resources Code, Sections 21000 – 21178, and Title 14 CCR, Section 753, and Chapter 3, Sections 15000 – 15387)

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is California’s broadest environmental law.  CEQA helps to guide the Department during issuance of permits and approval of projects. Courts have interpreted CEQA to afford the fullest protection of the environment within the reasonable scope of the statutes. CEQA applies to all discretionary projects proposed to be conducted or approved by a California public agency, including private projects requiring discretionary government approval.

The purpose of CEQA is to:

  • Disclose to the public the significant environmental effects of a proposed discretionary project, through the preparation of an Initial Study (IS), Negative Declaration (ND), or Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
  • Prevent or minimize damage to the environment through development of project alternatives, mitigation measures, and mitigation monitoring.
  • Disclose to the public the agency decision making process utilized to approve discretionary projects through findings and statements of overriding consideration.
  • Enhance public participation in the environmental review process through scoping meetings, public notice, public review, hearings, and the judicial process. 
  • Improve interagency coordination through early consultations, scoping meetings, notices of preparation, and State Clearinghouse review. 

For more information, please visit CEQA Procedures for Internal CDFW Actions

Section 21092.3 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:

The notices required pursuant to Sections 21080.4 and 21092 for an environmental impact report shall be posted in the office and on the internet website of the county clerk of each county in which the project will be located and shall remain posted for a period of 30 days. The notice required pursuant to Section 21092 for a negative declaration shall be so posted for a period of 20 days, unless otherwise required by law to be posted for 30 days. The county clerk shall post the notices within 24 hours of receipt.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Online Postings

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Receipt #
Lead Agency Type of
Project Title
07/12/2022 41-07122022-2100 City of Pacifica Environmental Impact Report  Pacifica General Plan Update and Sharp Park Specific Plan
07/12/2022 41-07122022-2101 San Mateo County Planning & Building  Negative Declaration  Commercial Canabis Cultivation Ordinance Amendments (PLN2022-00066)
07/13/2022 41-07132022-2102 County of San Mateo Planning and Building  Negative Declaration  SFR, Affordable Housing 
07/14/2022 41-07142022-2103 Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (caltrain) Notice of Exemption  Caltrain Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Tracks, Stations, and Signal Facilities
07/14/2022 41-07142022-2104 San Mateo County Transit District(SamTrans) Notice of Exemption  SamTrans Bus and Paratransit Services
07/14/2022 41-07142022-2105 City of South San Francisco Environmental Impact Report Southline Specific Plan
07/14/2022 41-07142022-2106 San Mateo Union High School District Notice of Exemption  San Mateo High School Gym Replacement Project 
07/18/2022 41-07182022-2107 City of South San Francisco  Environmental Impact Report Gateway of Pacific Phase 4 Density Transfer Proj
07/18/2022 41-07182022-2108 City of South San Francisco  Environmental Impact Report Genentech Building 38 (B38) Security Building 
07/19/2022 41-07192022-2109 San Mateo-Foster City School District Notice of Exemption  Highlands Elementary School Multi-Purpose Building & Field Replacement
07/20/2022 41-07202022-2110 Midpeninsula Regional Openspace Notice of Exemption  Red Barn Reroof Project 12049 La Honda Road (Highway 84) at La Honda Creek Open Preserve
07/21/2022 41-07212022-2111 Planning and Building Department  Notice of Exemption  PGE Line Repair and Replacement
07/26/2022 41-07262022-2112 City of San Mateo Notice of Exemption  East Hillsdale Park Rehabilitation
07/26/2022 41-07262022-2113 City of San Mateo Notice of Exemption  PA2021-066 415 Fairfax Avenue Special Use Permit (SUP) and Single Family Dwelling Design Review
07/28/2022 41-07282022-2114 City of South San Francisco  Environmental Impact Report Southline Specific Plan
7/28/2022 41-07282022-2115 City of San Bruno Negative Declaration Glenview Terrace Project
7/29/2022 41-07292022-2116 City of South San Francisco Planning Division Negative Declaration  40 Airport Blvd Project
7/29/2022 41-07292022-2117 City of South San Francisco Planning  Negative Declaration  580 Dubuque Avenue Project
07/29/2022 41-07292022-2118 San Mateo Co-Planning & Building  Negative Declaration  Palmer Lane Zoning Amendment, General Plan Amendment and 3-lot Subdivision 
08/01/2022 41-08012022-0001 County of San Mateo Parks Department  Notice of Exemption  Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Seal Cove Audio/Visual Kiosk
08/02/2022 41-08022022-0001 City of South San Francisco Environmental Impact Report Gop 4 Density Transfer Project, Amendments to General Plan, Zoning & Dev Agreement
08/02/2022 41-08022022-0002 City of San Carlos, Planning Division  Notice of Exemption  1021 Howard Ave. R & D Life Science Building 
08/04/2022 41-08042022-0001 San Mateo County Department of Public Works Notice of Exemption  Reconstruction of Encina Avenue from Middlefield Road to End
08/04/2022 41-08042022-0002 San Mateo County Parks Dept Notice of Determination  Flood County Park Revised Landscape Plan
08/10/2022 41-08102022-0001 San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority  Notice of Exemption  Strategy to Advance Flood Protection, Ecosystems and Recreation Along San Francisco Bay Planning Project
8/11/2022 41-08112022-0001 City of South San Francisco Notice of Exemption  Quick-Strike Bus Stop Improvements Project (#TR2203)