Possessory Interests Forms


California law requires every state or local governmental entity that is the fee owner of real property in which one or more taxable possessory interests have been created or renewed to provide the assessor of the county in which the property is located information identifying the holder(s) of a taxable possessory interest, the property involved and the terms and conditions of the agreement giving rise to the taxable possessory interests.

The agency may provide the county assessor the information on either:

  1. a preliminary change in ownership report or change in ownership statement, or,
  2. an annual real property usage report.

If, as of January 1 this year, your agency owns any property with taxable possessory interests that have not already been reported on a preliminary change in ownership report or on a change in ownership statement, you are required to complete and file this form with the county assessor by February 15.

Possessory Interests Annual Usage Report Form BOE-502-P

2020 Possessory Interests Annual Usage Supplemental Schedule Form
2020 Possessory Interests Annual Usage Form 502 Cover Letter