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Business Property Statement Forms

Business Personal Property Information

Form 571-L by applicable year

Specialized property statement forms

To file: Print the form and include the business name, mailing address and account number, if you have one, on the printed form before filing it with this office. First-time filers should simply print ‘New Account’ across the top of the form and this office will assign an account number.

Send it to:

San Mateo County Assessor-Clerk-Recorder
ATTN: Personal Property Section
555 County Center
Redwood City, CA 94063

    Other Forms

    Agent Authorization Form
    Business Change Form
    Historical Aircraft Exemption

    Affidavit For 4 Percent Assessment of Certain Vessels

    Boat Ownership and Location Change Form

    Valuation Factors

    Change in Ownership Forms

    The preliminary change in ownership report must be completed by transferee (buyer) prior to transfer of subject property in accordance with section 480.3 of the Revenue and Taxation Code. A Preliminary Change of Ownership Report must be filed with each conveyance in the County Recorder’s office for the county where the property is located. This particular form may be used in all 58 counties of California.
    Preliminary Change in Ownership Report (BOE 502-A) 


    Institutional Exemptions Forms

    For detailed information, click  the Institutional Exemption detail post.

    Property Use Report is required for all institutional exemption filings except for welfare exemptions.

    For further information regarding welfare, church and religious exemptions, see Welfare, Church and Religious Exemptions.

    Request a specific form to be mailed to you by sending us an email to

    Church Exemption

    Church Exemption form BOE-262-AH


    Possessory Interests Forms

    California law requires every state or local governmental entity that is the fee owner of real property in which one or more taxable possessory interests have been created or renewed to provide the assessor of the county in which the property is located information identifying the holder(s) of a taxable possessory interest, the property involved and the terms and conditions of the agreement giving rise to the taxable possessory interests.