Precinct Information


Precinct Maps in PDF

Below is a list of the precinct maps for San Mateo County. Maps are in the process of being updated to reflect the new precinct numbering.

Last updated October 2020.

Click on the name of an area to view the current precinct map:


Download Precinct Information

Precinct boundary Information is available to download in Shapefile, Geodatabase, AutoCAD, Google DML and GeoJSON formats.

Click  GIS Download Data to link to the page and navigate to the Jurisdictional Boundaries section.


Political Districts

Political maps within San Mateo County:

Congressional Map
Senate Map
Assembly Map
Supervisorial District Boundaries Map

Redistricting in California

California Citizens Redistricting Commission

The California Constitution (Article 21, Section 1) requires an adjustment (“reapportionment”) of election districts every ten years, in the year following the federal census. The intent of this requirement is to “reapportion” the number of people within political districts of the state to reflect changes in population.