Public Comments (114–115)
(Received Electronically) to Amended Draft EAP – September 11, 2018 and Registration & Elections Division Replies


(114) What is the plan for ensuring that the “on demand printers” are not used fraudulently, e.g. to print additional ballots?


Registration & Elections Division Response:
The on-demand ballot printers have a Windows login and a program login.  Only authorized staff are given the passwords.  At Vote Centers, the on-demand ballot printers will be constantly attended by at least 2 authorized trained staff. At the end of each night, staff place the Ballot on Demand laptop and ballot paper back in its case and secure with a lock & tamper evident seal.  The case is then placed in a secured locked room or closet.

(97) On this page:

When you say:

Other websites and email will be blocked.

What technology is used to block other websites?


Registration & Elections Division Response:
San Mateo County Information Services Department filters out unauthorized websites.