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Political maps within San Mateo County:

Congressional Map
Senate Map
Assembly Map
Supervisorial District Boundaries Map

Redistricting in California

California Citizens Redistricting Commission

The California Constitution (Article 21, Section 1) requires an adjustment (“reapportionment”) of election districts every ten years, in the year following the federal census. The intent of this requirement is to “reapportion” the number of people within political districts of the state to reflect changes in population.

The Citizens Redistricting Commission is the redistricting organization responsible for determining the boundaries for the Congressional, Senate, Assembly, and Board of Equalization districts. The 14-person commission is politically balanced, consisting of five Republicans, five Democrats, and four individuals who belong to neither party. The commission was formed following the passage of California Proposition 11 in November 2008, and amended by the 2010 passage of California Proposition 20, to include the U.S. congressional district boundaries.

The mapping criteria are listed and ranked as:

  1. Districts shall comply with the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Districts shall comply with the federal Voting Rights Act.
  3. Districts shall be geographically contiguous.
  4. The geographic integrity of any city, county, neighborhood, or community of interest shall be respected.
  5. To the extent practicable, districts shall be compact.
  6. To the extent practicable, districts shall be nested.

You may obtain information about California’s redistricting process from here:

Citizens Redistricting Commission
1017 L Street, PMB 563
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916)709-6303
Email: votersfirstact@crc.ca.gov
Website: http://wedrawthelines.ca.gov/

San Mateo County Supervisorial District Boundary Adjustment

California Elections Code § 21500 requires the County Board of Supervisors to review and adjust the supervisorial districts so that the districts are nearly equal in population. The Board of Supervisors formed a committee that held workshops to present information and receive suggestions from the public regarding the redistricting plan.