eSlate Voting
Open Letter from Mark Church


Dear Voters,

As a followup to the November 2006 General Election, I would like to report that the phased implementation of the new eSlate voting system was a success.  During the official Canvass, the 28-day period following the election when we conducted the audit of the election to certify the election results, we found that the performance of the eSlate voting equipment was excellent.

As your Chief Elections Official, I believe California is “doing it right.”  Our state provides voters with disabilities voting equipment that ensures their right to a secret and independent vote, we require that all electronic voting equipment provide a paper trail to confirm that their votes and we guarantee voter the right to vote a paper ballot, at home or at the polls. In doing so, we ensure the integrity of the vote and facilitate voting by offering a voter choices–vote by mail, vote early, vote at the polls on Election Day, vote a paper ballot or vote on the eSlate voting equipment.  All of these measures are designed to ensure the integrity of the vote and give voters options when they exercise their right to vote.  

Schedule a Community Demonstration

We will conduct community demonstrations so that San Mateo County voters can practice voting on the new system before the next election. If you would like us to make a presentation to your group, school, service organization, church, or are planning an event or gathering, simply call (650) 312-5222, send an email to or submit on online demonstration request at our Voting Demonstration section of this website.

Learn How to Use the eSlate Online

Our team has designed this website to help San Mateo County voters learn more about the eSlate voting system. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, kindly send it to me at

Mark Church
Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder