eSlate Accessible Voting


The eSlate voting device is a fully accessible device that allows all voters to cast their ballot secretly and independently. The eSlate meets HAVA accessibility requirements and was the most user-friendly device tested by the San Mateo County Elections team. The company that makes the eSlate worked with organizations such as the National Federation of the Blind, the National Organization on Disability and the American Association of People with Disabilities to ensure that the eSlate system meets the most stringent requirements for accessibility by all voters.

Disabled Access Unit (DAU)

One eSlate in each polling place will be wheelchair accessible and have assistive devices. Voters who are visually or mobility impaired or lack upper body dexterity will now be able to vote on the same system as all San Mateo County voters.This type of eSlate is called the Disabled Access Unit (DAU) and is virtually indistinguishable from an eSlate used by voters with full physical capabilities. Any voter may choose to vote on an eSlate DAU as it allows a voter to sit down while voting.

The eSlate DAU has a number of accessible features including:

  • Low height for wheelchairs
  • Larger font, higher contrast screen for visibility
  • Jelly switches for the mobility impaired
  • Ability to accommodate sip-and-puff devices
  • Braille keyboard
  • Headphones and audio that is a human vs digital voice
  • Six distinctly shaped keys with specific functions