Changes to Senior Replacement Home Transfers
(Effective April 1, 2021)


Current laws allow seniors over 55 years old and severely disabled persons to transfer the taxable value of their existing home to their new replacement home, so long as the market value of the new home is equal to or less than the existing home’s value. The program was also limited to once in a lifetime, with additional restrictions where the replacement home is located (usually within the same county or within some counties that allow for reciprocity). Proposition 19 will make these programs more flexible. See below for the chart developed by the State Board of Equalization to compare the current law and the effects of Proposition 19.

Base Year Value Transfer – Persons At Least Age 55/Disabled

  Current Law Proposition 19

Type of Property
  • Principal residence
  • Principal residence

  • Purchase or newly construct residence within 2 years of sale
  • Purchase or newly construct residence within 2 years of sale

Location of Replacement Home
  • Anywhere in California

Value Limit
  • Equal or lesser value ​
    • ​100% if replacement purchased/new construction prior to sale
    • 105% if replacement purchased/new construction in first year after sale
    • 110% if replacement purchased/new construction in second year after sale
  • Any Value
  • Amount above 100% is added to transferred value

How many transfers?
  • One time
  • Exception: After using once for age, second time for subsequent disability
  • Three times

Implementing Statute
  • Revenue & Taxation Code section 69.5 (implements Propositions 60/90/110)
  • To be determined

Important Dates
  • Through March 31, 2021
  • Effective April 1, 2021

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