Assembly Bill No. 2028


It is my pleasure to inform you that for the first time, we will be conducting the Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District Election primarily by mail.

Last year, Governor Brown signed into law AB 2028. This legislation allows for San Mateo County to conduct up to three all-mailed ballot local elections through 2017 (not including primary and general elections). In order for this election to be conducted as allowed under AB 2028, each of the cities, schools and special districts involved in this election have passed an official authorizing resolution, based on a finding that an all-mailed ballot election would serve the best interests of the jurisdiction and the general public.

It is our hope that by sending each voter a ballot and providing other voting options, we will increase voter participation and strengthen the input voters have in the governance of their communities.

Mark Church


Assembly Bill 2028 was signed into law in 2014. It allows San Mateo County to conduct a series of local elections primarily by mail under California’s Vote-by-Mail pilot project. San Mateo County could hold up to three all-mailed ballot elections prior to 2018, when the program expires. The pilot project includes elections for local jurisdictions only and will not affect any election with a Federal or State office on the ballot. The first opportunity will be the Consolidated Municipal, School and Special District All-Mailed Ballot Election on November 3, 2015.

Every registered voter will be mailed a ballot with a postage prepaid return envelope. At least one Universal Polling Place and ballot drop off location will be available in each city. Voting Centers and ballot drop boxes in City Halls will be available throughout the voting period.

The Purpose of the Pilot

These pilot elections will provide information on how all-mailed ballot elections impact voter registration, voter participation and election costs in an urban county. A report shall be submitted to the Legislature and the Secretary of State after each all-mailed ballot election.

Where and How Will I Vote?

Every San Mateo County registered voter will be sent a ballot on October 5, 2015. Voted ballots can be returned by mail (postage paid) or in person as follows:

  • Ballots postmarked on or before Election Day will be accepted as long as ballots are received within three days after Election Day.
  • Voters may use any of 20 ballotdrop off locations throughout the county starting 28 days before Election Day through Election Day, or
  • In addition, there are 2 Voting Centers that will be open October 5 to Election Day and 32 Universal Polling Places on Election Day throughout the county.