Given the Current Shelter-in-Place, the San Mateo County Assessor Recommends Business Owners File 2020 Business Property Statements (Form 571-L) Online

New Site Press Release

Contact: Mark Church, Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder & Chief Elections Officer
Alternate: Jim Irizarry, Asst. Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder & Asst. Chief Elections Officer

(Redwood City, CA) The San Mateo County Assessor’s Office wants to remind all business owners that they may file their Business Property Statements (Form 571-L) online.

To use the e-file service, you should use your annual Business Identification Number (BIN) for the current year, which is included in your annual mailing from our office. Please note that BIN’s are good for the current year only, and you must utilize a new number each year. You only need to request a BIN if you are not able to obtain the BIN letter you were mailed. If you have the BIN letter, you are encouraged to file online by using the BIN provided.

To obtain your BIN, email your account number, business name, and business address to Assessor staff at Assessor staff will email you your BIN as quickly as possible. Since most staff are working remotely, email is currently the best form of contact for our office. If you do not have email, you may leave your account number, business name, and business address via voicemail at (650) 363-4501 and Assessor staff will respond as quickly as possible.

Once you obtain your BIN, you may file online at Start the process by entering the account number (10 digits) and BIN for the business, and then file any necessary forms as directed. Once the form is completed and submitted, the system will show a confirmation of timely receipt on the submitted 571-L form.