Letter from Chief Elections Officer

March 1, 2018

Dear Fellow Voters:

I am pleased to submit to you San Mateo County’s Amended Draft Election Administration Plan for the implementation of the California Voter’s Choice Act (Senate Bill 450).  This landmark legislation authorizes 14 counties, including San Mateo, to conduct any election as an All-Mailed Ballot/Vote Center Election, commencing January 2018.  San Mateo County is proud to be one of the first five counties in the state that will be conducting the June 5, 2018 Statewide Direct Primary Election under the provisions of the California Voter’s Choice Act.

San Mateo County’s Amended Draft Election Administration Plan (EAP) was developed with the goal of providing the public detailed information on the administration of elections under the California Voter’s Choice Act.  It also incorporates the County’s Education and Outreach Plan, outlining in detail the County’s education and outreach plans to increase accessibility to all voters, particularly voters with disabilities and language minorities.

The Amended Draft EAP was developed in consultation with members of the County’s Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC) and Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC).  Additionally, the Amended Draft EAP incorporated comments received during the course of three public hearings required by the Act.  We received ninety-four (94) comments through the public review process and incorporated thirty-four (34) of these suggestions into the Amended Draft EAP.  All of the comments received during the public review process and those that have been incorporated into the Amended Draft EAP may be found in the section of the Plan entitled “Public Comments to Draft EAP and Responses.” 

Comments on the Amended Draft EAP may be provided via email, mail and by phone to the Registration and Elections Division during the 14-day comment period ending March 15, 2018.  Upon completion of the 14-day comment period, the Final EAP may be adopted and forwarded to the Secretary of State for approval.

I want to personally thank the voters of our county and all of our stakeholders that have participated in the development of the Voter’s Choice Act Elections Administration Plan for their dedication and commitment to expanding voting opportunities for all.  

Please contact Registration and Elections Division at 650.312.5222 or registrar@smcacre.org should you have any questions regarding the Voter’s Choice Act or our Amended Draft EAP.


Mark Church