Business Personal Property Forms


Business Personal Property Forms

To file: Please fill out the applicable forms below and include the business name, mailing address and account number if you have one. First-time filers should simply print ‘New Account’ across the top of the form and we will assign an account number.

You can file Business Property Statement forms using:

  1. SDR/e-SDR (must have BIN)
  2. DocuSign to complete and submit with e-signature

For links to DocuSign or PDF forms (see below).

For questions regarding Business Personal Property forms, you may email us at or call us and leave a voicemail message at 650.363.4501.

Office hours Monday through Friday 8-5 p.m.

Instructions on how to e-File 571-L by using SDR/E-SDR


Submit forms using e-signature


View forms in PDF format 

Business Property Statement Forms

2020 571-L Business Property Statement 2020 571-L form
N/A 2019 571-L form
2018 571-L form
2017 571-L form
2016 571-L form