Additional Clerk Services


Paraprofessional Registration

Detail information on how to register as a paraprofessional with the County Clerk-Recorder Division:

  • Process Server
  • Legal Document Assistant
  • Professional Photocopier
  • Unlawful Detainer Assistant

Environmental Impact Reports

A Summary of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

(California Public Resources Code, Sections 21000 – 21178, and Title 14 CCR, Section 753, and Chapter 3, Sections 15000 – 15387)


Financial Disclosures


Public officials at every level of state and local government must disclose their personal financial interests.  The purpose of financial disclosure is to alert public officials to personal interests that might be affected while they are performing their official duties, i.e., making governmental decisions. Disclosure also helps inform the public about potential conflicts of interest.


Coroner’s Report

The County Clerk-Recorder Division provides older records of Coroner’s reports from 1878 through 2000, viewable by microfilm.


Naturalization Records

Naturalization Records dated from July 24, 1914 through June 8, 1917 are retained at the County Clerk Division. Naturalization Index from 1906, 1907-1925, 1918-1919 are also available. These records are Petitions of Intent for Naturalization.


Military Discharge

In accordance with Government Code Section 6107, the requestor must be authorized to obtain a certified copy of a military discharge form DD-214.

(a) A public entity, including the state, a county, city, or other political subdivision, or any officer or employee thereof, including notaries public, shall not demand or receive any fee or compensation for doing any of the following: