Accessible Vote by Mail


Accessible Vote by Mail System
A new service for voters with disabilities

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Voters with disabilities can vote privately and independently by accessing and marking a ballot in a screen-readable format from any computer. Ballots must be printed out and returned to the Registration & Elections Division. Marked ballots cannot be emailed.


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Access the service anytime, day or night, through Election Day at 8 p.m.


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  • Go online here and enter your information to find a link to your ballot; or
  • Email us at or call 650.312.5222 to have a link to your ballot emailed to you.

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Voters with disabilities can:
  • Vote on any computer with internet access.
  • Use a screen reader to mark their ballot privately and independently.
  • Easily access the service anytime, day or night.
  • For voters who are unable to use the AVBM system, the Mobile Vote Center is available upon request.